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Hype and Gimmicks

Back in the '80s there were about 20 companies producing modified Holley carburetors for racing engines. Now there are well over 300. Because of this dramatic increase , many of these companies have to employ hype and gimmicks to compete for sales. At CFS, we don’t use hype or gimmicks. The results that our customers see are our best advertising . We use our knowledge to build carbs that will enhance your engine’s performance, pure and simple.

At CFS , we know that the most important feature of a good racing carb is efficient fuel metering. Efficient fuel metering gives the engine usable power over the widest possible RPM range with smooth part throttle drivability. A carb that meters fuel poorly is useless, no matter how much airflow it has or how nice it looks. Airflow is important, but if a carb’s airflow modifications are done in ways that hurt its fuel metering efficiency, then those airflow improvements are worthless. I have seen carbs that had excellent airflow, but had terrible fuel metering problems because no attention had been paid to the important aspects of fuel metering. There are airflow modifications that can be done to venturis, venturi boosters, throttle shafts, throttle bores, and butterflies that give substantial airflow improvements. But if these modifications are taken too far, with only airflow in mind, then fuel metering efficiency suffers and engine performance is poor. The key to maximizing engine performance is obtaining high airflow without sacrificing efficient fuel metering. At CFS, our knowledge and experience allow us to achieve this important balance.

Remember, when you see performance claims that sound too good to be true, they usually are (too good to be true). Companies that use gimmicks like “special coatings that are worth 20 hp” are preying on less knowledgeable customers, evidently believing that there will be a never-ending supply of these uninformed customers. The carb modifiers who are only concerned with the appearance of their carbs are also trying to appeal to the less knowledgeable customers. The carbs they build are pleasing to the human eye, but do nothing for engine performance. So, inform yourself, ask questions, and become an informed customer who doesn’t fall for the gimmicks and hype. Making an informed choice of your engine’s critical components will help your engine give you the performance you are looking for.   © Norm Schenck


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